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Springfield Weddings On 11/11/11

Nine couples filed for a Clark County marriage license to get married on 11/11/11.  Clark County contributed nine weddings on a day when over 57,000 got married across the country.  Some couples picked this date because it would be an easy anniversary date to remember and others thought that the date would offer luck.  Michael and Amanda Johnson from Nebraska had a different date in mind. They changed their wedding date to Veterans day because his deployment date in the Air Force had changed.

They decide to get married at the  Candle Lite Wedding Chapel in Springfield after they did a search online. Michael is stationed in the Air Force in Dayton.  The  Candle Lite Wedding Chapel had three weddings on 11/11/11 after they turned several weddings away.

Amy from Schneider’s Florist prepares a bouquet for other weddings. John from Rudy’s Smokehouse prepares for their wedding catering at Mitchell Hills.